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Mandeville is the capital and largest town in the parish of Manchester in the county of Middlesex, Jamaica. It is located on an inland plateau at an altitude of 628 m (2061 feet), and is 103 km (64 mi) west of Kingston. It is the only parish capital of Jamaica not located on the coast or on a major river.

Mandeville has many large elegant early 19th century houses that line the streets in the town centre and has been described as the most English town in Jamaica. It is a major commercial centre, and it is also the location of Northern Caribbean University (formerly West Indies College), a Seventh – day Adventist institution of higher learning.

Many of Jamaica’s oldest businesses began in Mandeville; one of the oldest in the Caribbean is the Mandeville Hotel which began operations in 1875. In addition to that, its golf club, which was founded in 1868 as the Manchester Golf Club, was the first golf course in the Caribbean.

The capital has the first free library in Jamaica and was established in 1938 and is the oldest Parish Library. Because of it’s rich history and strong cultural foundation, Mandeville has become very popular with Jamaican expats returning home from abroad. If you are a dialysis patient returning home from living overseas you may be considering Mandeville as a destination for your retirement. Dialysis in Mandeville Jamaica is easily obtained from any of our service providers in the area.


Even if you find yourself on a short visit to Treasure Beach (St. Elizabeth) of any of the other neighbouring scenic tourist locations in St. Elizabeth, Dialysis in Mandeville, Jamaica is the ideal option for you.

Another neighbouring location, popular both with tourists and returning residents to Jamaica is the Black River tour and YS falls. If you plan on staying in or visiting these areas of their environs while in Jamaica, then you should definitely book your dialysis treatment in Mandeville with one of our professional providers.

Mandeville is serviced by two major public hospitals that are well equipped to handle emergencies: The Hargreaves Memorial Hospital and the Mandeville Public Hospital. If you’re a dialysis patient visiting the area you can rest assured that these hospitals can handle any emergencies that may arise.

Outside of this scenery and tranquility, Mandeville itself is not known for many hot attractions and is more of a residential town for retirees looking to re-settle in Jamaica. However, they still host quite a few sites that will please the adventurous. Mrs. Stephenson’s Garden is one of the most beautiful and well-maintained in Jamaica at 25 New Green Rd. The Manchester Country Club which is an 18-hole golf course on Bromalia Rd. The Jamaican Standard Products Company that offers free tours of coffee fields, reaping, preparing, packaging & tasting and The Mandeville Hotel known for elegant dining and beautiful accommodation with delightfully pleasant ambiance.

Dialysis in Mandeville, Jamaica is a simple proposition with multiple units to choose from, there is a unit that will fit every need from the most stable and well patient all the way to those that will require Hospitalization for dialysis and continuous renal replacement therapy.

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