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Montego Bay, the capital of St. James Parish on Jamaica’s north coast and the second largest city in Jamaica by area and the fourth by population (after Kingston, Spanish Town and Portmore). It is a major cruise ship port with numerous beach resorts and golf courses outside its commercial core. Popular beaches include Doctor’s Cave Beach and Walter Fletcher Beach, home to an amusement park. There’s snorkeling and diving at coral reefs in the protected waters of Montego Bay Marine Park.

The coastland near Montego Bay is occupied by numerous tourist resorts, most of these resorts are newly built, some occupying the grounds of old sugar cane plantations with some of the original buildings and mill-works still standing. Two of the most famous of these are the White Witch’s Rose Hall and Tryall, both of which now feature world-class golf courses.

Montego Bay has very professional dialysis service providers. The city’s road network allows of quick transit to your ideal dialysis service provider in Montego Bay. Traffic in Montego Bay is notoriously busy so booking your treatment for dialysis in Montego Bay Jamaica ahead of time is a no brainer.

The city’s infrastructure is going through some different series of modernizations and once this is completed, it aims to the beautiful city of Montego Bay as a top destination in the Caribbean. On the 7th January 2011, the Montego Bay Convention Centre, built near to the Rose Hall estate, was opened by Jamaican Prime Minister Bruce Golding.


The Montego Bay Hospital and the Cornwall regional hospital are the two public hospitals available to treat any dialysis patients that may have major emergencies while on the island.

Jamaica’s largest airport is served by Montego Bay, which is known as the Sir Donald Sangster International Airport. There are a number of major airlines that includes North American and European airlines, run their Caribbean hub in Montego Bay (Sangster International Airport) which connects the city with the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany and Canada. It should be a short trip from the airport to your dialysis provider in Montego Bay or to and from your hotel.

Montego Bay’s dialysis providers are located within medical centres and shopping malls so you can easily fill your dialysis prescription at a nearby pharmacy or see a medical specialist outside of your dialysis needs.

There are a wide variety of attractions in Montego Bay catering to the active and adventurous traveler. Doctor’s Cave Beach Club is nestled between the Marine Park and the Hip Strip. It is more than just a great beach, the food court and beach bar provide a variety of meals and drinks to satisfy are very good. The Rose Hall Great House and Garden was the home of Annie Palmer, known as the white witch of Rose Hall. Annie Palmer still stirs memories of her reign as the mistress of the Rose Hall Great House. Cursed by slaves, she turned a magnificent plantation into a house of carnage. If you are a great diver, the best spot for you is Widowmaker’s Cave. This attractive underwater cave lets you experience the local marine life. Cornwall Beach is a popular place for swimming and relaxing on the white sandy beach. In addition the Cornwall Beach has a beach volleyball court, a Japanese style water garden, a floral garden and glass bottom boat rides.

Dialysis in Montego Bay is a simple proposition with multiple units to choose from, there is a unit that will fit every need from the most stable and well patient all the way to those that will require Hospitalization for dialysis and continuous renal replacement therapy. One such unit is ZIERLICH DIALYSIS CENTRE.

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