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Spanish Town is the capital and the largest town in the parish of St. Catherine located in the county of Middlesex, Jamaica. It was formerly the Spanish and English capital of Jamaica from the 16th to the 19th century. Spanish Town is home to numerous memorials, the national archives, a small population, and one of the oldest Anglican churches outside England.

The town is built on the West Bank of the Rio Cobre and lies thirteen miles from Kingston. There are two significant colonial periods that shaped the history of the old capital: The Spanish who ruled from 1534-1655 and the English from 1655-1872. After that the capital was then relocated to Kingston and the Anglican Church took over the 16th century cathedral.

The street names and historic architecture marks the colonial history. Streets such as White Church and Red Church Streets, which are symbolic of the Spanish chapels of the white and red cross, and also Monk Street in reference to the monastery which once stood close by. In addition Manchester and Nugent streets were named for the British Colonial Govenors, William Montagu, 5th Duke of Manchester and George Nugent.

King Street runs past Constitution Street, the governor’s residence and King’s House, located near the square, and is known as the island’s former administrative centre. There are regency buildings in the town centre which include the Rodney Memorial and the Old King’s House, the residence of the governors until 1872.


Spanish Town is known for the cast-iron bridge that was designed by Thomas Wilson and manufactured by Walker and Company of Rotherham, located in England. This cast-iron bridge which spans the Rio Cobre was erected in 1801 with a four arched rib and supported on massive masonry abutments. The abutments deteriorated and the structure was endangered causing it to be listed in the 1998 World Monuments Watch by the World Monuments Fund.

In 2004 a restoration project began and was funded by American Express through the World Monuments Fund. This started out very slow until 2008 when a new restoration effort was made. In April of 2010, a first phase of restoration was completed and repair of the abutments allowed the bridge to be reopened to the public. As of recently the violence which has been plaguing the area, has prevented the bridge from achieving the status of a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Dialysis in Spanish Town, Jamaica is a simple proposition with multiple units to choose from, there is a unit that will fit every need from the most stable and well patient all the way to those that will require Hospitalization for dialysis and continuous renal replacement therapy.

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