There are 2 public and 5 private units

Kingston is the capital city of Jamaica. It contains the largest concentration of citizens on the island. Partly metropolis partly rustic port town almost all aspects of the Jamaican way of life is visible here. It is home to the internationally known Bob Marley museum the University of The West Indies and the sunken city of Port Royal to name just a few of the attractions present. It sits just north of one of the largest natural harbours in the world and is bordered on its northern side by the Blue and John Crow mountains the home of Blue Mountain coffee.

Dialysis in Kingston Jamaica is a simple proposition with multiple units to choose from, there is a unit that will fit every need from the most stable and well patient all the way to those that will require hospitalization for dialysis and continuous renal replacement therapy.

At just 190 square miles in area, Kingston has dialysis service centres all within reach of major business and residential areas. The city additionally has a well organized network of roads with well-maintained traffic signals that allow for ease of transit throughout important areas of the city. Should you opt for public transport to your dialysis centre of choice, opt for a charter taxi service or car rental service. There are many of these in Kingston that can get you to and from your Dialysis provider. Chater taxis are readily available from all areas in Kingston with a call being serviced within 5 minutes or less within the corporate area.


As a dialysis patient you are probably already aware that emergencies are an eventuality that you must account for. Kingston has many private and public emergency ambulance services available by dialling 911 just as you would in the U.S or 112 or 111.

The majority of dialysis providers in Kingston are located within medical complexes. This means that you can fill prescriptions at pharmacies within walking distance or see other medical specialist quickly should you need to.

Kingston is serviced by 2 major public hospitals (Kingston Public Hospital and National Chest Hospital) and 1 major hospital that is semi-private (the University Hospital of the West Indies). These hospitals are capable of handling all emergencies cases. Wait times can be significant at these hospitals which is why its always best to schedule your dialysis treatment with a private provider before arriving in the island. Use our Dialysis Registration form below to get this done.

Whether you are coming to Kingston for business of pleasure, your dialysis treatment does not have to stop you from getting things done. We will schedule your dialysis treatment in the closest possible location to where you’re staying so you can enjoy Kingston, Jamaica, be productive and receive word-class dialysis treatment all at the same time.

Use the service request form below to book your dialysis treatment in Kingston, Jamaica . We will respond as soon as possible.


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