• There is 1 public and 1 private unit Spanish Town is the capital and the largest town in the parish of St. Catherine located in the county of Middlesex, Jamaica. It was formerly the Spanish and English capital of Jamaica from the 16th to the 19th century. Spanish Town is home to numerous memorials, the […]

  • There are 2 public and 5 private units Kingston is the capital city of Jamaica. It contains the largest concentration of citizens on the island. Partly metropolis partly rustic port town almost all aspects of the Jamaican way of life is visible here. It is home to the internationally known Bob Marley museum the University […]

  • There are 1 public and 2 private units Mandeville is the capital and largest town in the parish of Manchester in the county of Middlesex, Jamaica. It is located on an inland plateau at an altitude of 628 m (2061 feet), and is 103 km (64 mi) west of Kingston. It is the only parish […]

  • There is 1 private unit Ocho Rios is a town in the parish of St. Ann on the north coast of Jamaica. Travelers and residents outside of the city are able to visit Columbus Park. It is said that it is where Christopher Columbus first came on land. In the beginning it was once a […]

  • There are 1 public and 3 private units Montego Bay, the capital of St. James Parish on Jamaica’s north coast and the second largest city in Jamaica by area and the fourth by population (after Kingston, Spanish Town and Portmore). It is a major cruise ship port with numerous beach resorts and golf courses outside […]